The Gainesville Police Department provides the City of Gainesville with emergency and non-emergency service 24 hours a day to more than 32,000 city residents and an estimated 125,000 visitors everyday.

Our jurisdiction covers approximately 37 square miles and includes houses an apartment complexes, businesses and industrial parks, recreational facilities, including parks on and around Lake Lanier, several golf courses, schools, churches, an airport, shopping centers and numerous strip malls.

We are a multi-faceted professional public safety organization serving a fast paced, multi-cultural and rapidly growing community.

As a Police Officer you will be supplied:

  • All uniforms
  • Take Home Vehicle (within 25 miles from City Limits)
  • Weapons and Equipment

Employee Benefit Package:

  • Excellent Retirement Plans
  • Medical/Vision/Dental
  • Clinic Wellness Center
  • Tuition Reimbursement Program
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Paid Time Off/Holiday Leave
  • Life Insurance
  • Short and Long Term Disability......and much more


At this time we are accepting applications for CERTIFIED and NON CERTIFIED police officers only.

Please contact the City of Gainesville Human Resources office at 770-535-6887 or our Community Relations Unit at 770-287-0893 with any questions.