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Vendor Application

If you would like to be added to the City of Gainesville's vendor listing, please print and mail a completed Vendor Application and IRS Form W-9 to the address below.  Both forms can be found at the bottom of this page in the section containing "Related Documents".  As stated in the Vendor Application, the required documents must be provided to the City, and an "Active Vendor" status must be rendered before business can be conducted.  Thank you for your interest in doing business with the City of Gainesville.


Bid Opportunities »

The City of Gainesville invites all vendors and contractors to visit the bid opportunities web page on a regular basis.  We will list each Invitation to Bid, Request for Proposal, and Request for Qualifications on this web page when the City is ready to receive bids.

Please read each bid package carefully to ensure all requirements are met when submitting a bid package.  The City reserves the right to reject any or all bids based upon the guidelines outlined in the City of Gainesville's Purchasing Ordinance.  If you have any questions concerning a specific bid, contact the correspondent as listed in the bid package.  All questions regarding specific bid packages must be submitted in writing.

The City will post most addenda for specific bids to the City's Bid Opportunities web page and disseminate this information to all known bidders; however, it is the Bidder's responsibility to check this web page for the addenda prior to submitting a bid package.

Bidders without the appropriate documentation as listed in the bid package or any addenda may be deemed non-responsive or nonresponsible.  

TitleOpen DateClose Date
Advertisement for Bids - Runway Safety Area Improvements Phase 1.

                       ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS

Sealed proposals will be received by the City of Gainesville at the Administration Building, 300 Henry Ward Way, Public Works Engineering Suite 302, Gainesville, Georgia 30503 until 2:00 pm, Tuesday, April 24th, 2018, at which time and place bids will be publicly opened and read aloud for the furnishing of labor, materials and equipment for the Runway Safety Area (RSA) Improvements Phase 1 project at the Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport.  Bids received after stated time will not be accepted.

A non-mandatory Prebid Conference will be held at the Airport Terminal Building, Conference Room, 1137 Aviation Way, Gainesville, Georgia 30501 at 10:00 am, Tuesday, April 10th, 2018.  A bidder’s attendance at this prebid conference is not mandatory; the prebid conference is being held to provide bidders the opportunity to examine the site of the proposed work and ask questions about the project requirements.

The work generally consists of pavement removal, shoulder grading, and new airfield lighting.  Work will be accomplished through limited runway closures.

The City of Gainesville, as Sponsor, reserves the right to reject any or all bids, to waive informalities, and to re-advertise or abandon this solicitation at the Sponsor’s sole discretion. Nothing herein shall be construed as a commitment on the part of the Sponsor to award a contract.

Bidding documents may be examined at (1) the Office of the Engineer, Lead Edge Design Group, Inc., 6425 Powers Ferry Road, Suite 290, Atlanta, GA 30339; and at (2) the Office of Airport Manager, Attention: Lisa Poole, City of Gainesville, 300 Henry Ward Way, Suite 302, Gainesville, Georgia 30503 during normal business hours.  Bidding documents may be purchased directly from the Engineer at a non-refundable cost of $100.00 for bidding documents in digital format (pdf), or at a non-refundable cost of $500.00 for a printed set of bidding documents.  Payment will be accepted in the form of a check or money order, and can be mailed to the Office of the Engineer.  Allow 24 business hours for processing of bidding documents in digital format (pdf), and 72 business hours for processing of a printed set of bidding documents upon the Engineer’s receipt of payment. Bidders are required to obtain the bidding documents directly from the Engineer at least 24 business hours prior to the Bid Opening. No bid will be accepted from a bidder whose name is not included on the Engineer’s Plan Holders List.  Bidders are required to submit all questions in writing to arostin@leadedgedesign.com.  The deadline for bidder’s questions is 5:00 pm on Monday, April 16th, 2018.     

This project is funded in part under provisions of the Airport and Airway Safety and Capacity Act of 1987.  Certain mandatory federal requirements apply to this solicitation and will be made a part of any contract awarded.

All Bidders must be licensed as required by the State of Georgia and prequalified by the Georgia Department of Transportation.


FY 2019 New Water Meter Installation

Applications must be received by the City of Gainesville at the Department of Water Resources, First Floor Lobby located at 757 Queen City Parkway, Gainesville, Georgia 30501, Attention: Jarrett Nash, by 5:00 p.m., local time, Friday, April 27, 2018, to be considered for pre-qualification. The envelope containing the application must be clearly marked:

FY 2019 New Water Meter Installation


City of Gainesville

Water Resources Administration Building, 1st Floor Lobby

757 Queen City Parkway

Gainesville, GA 30501

Attention: Jarrett Nash 

All questions must be answered specifically and the data given must be clear and comprehensive.  All information provided must pertain specifically to the entity that will bid for and construct the project, not a parent firm or entity.  Questions may be answered on separate, attached sheets.  The Bidder may submit any additional information desired.  Data submitted must be formatted as this application is formatted.  Securely attach all additional sheets as required.

Details and Documents:
Bid #18011 - FY2017 Street Resurfacing Project

Bid #18011  - The City of Gainesville is requesting sealed bids for: FY2017 Street Resurfacing Projects.

Individual sealed Bids for furnishing commodities or services described above will be received at the City of Gainesville Purchasing office, until 2:00 P.M., Wednesday, May 16, 2018, after which time, no further bids be accepted. Any bid received after the above stated time will not be considered. It is the responsibility of the person/firm submitting a bid to ensure that it is received at the physical address of the Purchasing Office prior to the stated deadline. A date/time stamp located in the Purchasing Office will determine the time of receipt. Bids received after the deadline will not be considered under any circumstances, and will be returned unopened after the bid award is made.

A mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting will be held at 2:00 PM on Tuesday,May 1, 2018.

Questions concerning this document should be directed no later than 10:00 am Friday, May 4, 2018  to:

Matt Tarver
City of Gainesville
PO Box 2496, Gainesville, GA 30503
Phone: 770-538-4977      Fax: 770-531-2674

The City of Gainesville is an equal opportunity owner/employer and will not discriminate against any vendor because of race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, or ADA disability status.

In accordance with City Code 2-4-29, a local vendor preference is applicable for purchase between $20,000 and $150,000.

Details and Documents:
pdf Bid #18011 - FY2017 Street Resurfacing Project
BID No. 18028 - Procurement of Laboratory Information Management System (Per Attached Specifications)

BID No. 18028  - Procurement of Laboratory Information Management System


Sealed Bids will be received by the City of Gainesville, Purchasing Department, 757 Queen City Parkway, Gainesville, GA.  30501 until 2:00 PM., May 25, 2018, for the Procurement of Laboratory Information Management System.



The City of Gainesville is seeking to purchase a laboratory information management system (LIMS) for its central laboratory (lab).  The lab analyzes wastewater samples from two water reclamation facilities and water samples from two water production facilities, as well as industrial pretreatment samples.  Additionally, the lab offers well testing to surrounding communities.  For testing for which the lab is not equipped, the GA EPD laboratory is used as well as a contract laboratory.


Our objective is to obtain a LIMS that will add efficiency and state-of-the-art record keeping to our laboratory work.  We desire a system with easy connection to GIS and the Georgia Environmental Protection Division.  Services shall include set-up and transition, software licensing, training, and support.


Upon Release of this Bid, all vendor communications concerning this acquisition must be directed to the Purchasing Department correspondent listed below:

Tammy Grier

City of Gainesville Dept. of Water Resources

757 Queen City Parkway, Gainesville, GA. 30501

Phone:  770-531-2663

FAX:  770-531-2672


Unauthorized contact regarding the Bid with other Gainesville City employees may result in disqualification.  Any oral communications will be considered unofficial and non-binding on the City of Gainesville.  Vendor should rely only on written statements issued by the Bid correspondent.


Pre-Bid Conference

Prior to submittal of the proposals, there will be a pre-proposal conference and site visit at the laboratory for all approved candidates who plan to submit a proposal.  Presently, this conference and site visit is scheduled for May 7, 2018 @ 2 PM, EDT.  This conference will begin in the Environmental Services Division Building Conference Room located at 2641 Old Flowery Branch Road, Gainesville, GA 30504.  Afterwards, parties will visit the Flat Creek Water Reclamation Facility (at the same address) and the Riverside Water Treatment Plant, located at 2120 Riverside Drive, Gainesville, GA 30501.  Vendors may send up to two persons.


All questions must be submitted in writing to the Bid correspondent named above.  Questions must be received by 12:00 PM, May 11, 2018.  A list of questions and their corresponding answers will be provided to all known Bidders (and to others, by request) not later than Friday, May 18, 2018.  Requests may be made to the Bid correspondent named above.


The Department of Water Resources Purchasing Department must receive the vendors’ Bid in a sealed envelope, in its entirety, not later than 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time in Gainesville, Georgia on May 25, 2018 at the address specified in the Bid Correspondent section.  Bids arriving after the deadline will be returned unopened to their senders.  All Bids and accompanying documentation will become the property of the City of Gainesville and may not be returned.  All submissions shall be limited to 50 pages excluding Bid Certification and Vendor Packet.  One (1) original and (6) copies of this Bid must be submitted to allow for evaluation.  Pricing Bids shall be in a separate sealed envelope.  Bids must be clearly marked on the outside of the package:

Laboratory Information Management System

Vendors assume the risk of the method of dispatch chosen.  The City of Gainesville assumes no responsibility for delays caused by any delivery service.  Postmarking by the due date will not substitute for actual Bid receipt.  Late Bids will not be accepted nor will additional time be granted to any vendor.  Bids may not be delivered by facsimile transmission or other telecommunication or solely by electronic means.

Bid Schedule:

Bid Release:                          April 9, 2018______________

Mandatory Pre-bid Meeting   May 7, 2018______________

Bid Questions Deadline:        May 11, 2018_____________

Bid Due Date:                        May 25, 2018_____________

Demonstration (optional)      June 11 – 15, 2018_________

Anticipated Award Date:       June 25 – 29, 2018_________



All items must meet or exceed specifications as stated by the City of Gainesville.  The City of Gainesville reserves the right to waive any technicalities and to reject or accept any Bid in its entirety or to accept any portion thereof if it is determined that either method results in lower costs, better service, final satisfaction or is otherwise determined to be in the best interest of the City of Gainesville. Award may be made by item number or in total.  Determination of best response to Bid will be the sole judgment of the City of Gainesville.  Bids shall remain valid for ninety days for the date of Bid opening.


The City of Gainesville reserves the right to reject any or all Bids at any time without penalty.

Details and Documents:
pdf 18028 RFP - LIMS 040218