Standard Park Rules

  • Park Hours: 7am – Dark
  • Alcoholic Beverages Prohibited Unless Otherwise Authorized.
  • No Lifeguard on Duty in Lakefront Parks.  Swim At Your Own Risk.
  • All Pets Must Be On Leash and No Pets Allowed On Athletic Fields Or Within Lanier Point Athletic Complex.
  • No Fires Except In Grills.
  • No Overnight Parking Or Camping.
  • No Amplified Sound Except By Permit.
  • Please Place All Trash In Designated Receptacles. No Dumping Of Household Trash.
  • No Vehicles Off Designated Areas.
  • Any Person Convicted Of Sexual Or Similar Offenses Is Prohibited From Entering A City Park.
  • Do Not Deface, Destroy Or Remove Plants.
  • It Shall Be Unlawful To Sell Goods Or Services In Any Park Without Written Permission - Code Of Ordinances Section 6-9-7.
  • Smoking Shall Be Prohibited Within The Boundaries Of Any Park, Sports Complex, Recreation Area Or Facility Owned, Leased, Or Operated By The City Of Gainesville, Georgia, Including Any Open Area Within Such Park Sports Complex, Recreation Area Or Facility - Code Of Ordinances Section 1-7-2 (17).

Parks are provided and maintained for your enjoyment by Gainesville Parks and Recreation. Please help us keep your parks clean and beautiful.

Understanding House Bill 60 and How Gun Laws Affect City Parks and Recreation Facilities