Patrol Division

Patrol, the agency’s first responders, is made up of four watches.  Each watch is commanded by a lieutenant and supervised by a sergeant. Officers within the patrol division are divided into districts in order to cover the 37 square miles of the city.

In order to effectively respond to a wide variety of calls, each watch has a designated Domestic Violence Response Officer, Crime Scene Officer, Crisis Intervention Team Officer, and a Motor Vehicle Crash Investigator.


Specialized Services Division 

The Specialized Services Division is comprised of two units. These units are the Police Traffic Services Unit and the Pro-Active Community Enforcement Unit. Even though each of these units have different tasks to perform, the overall goal is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Gainesville and Hall County. The supervisors and officers of the Specialized Services Division are committed to improving the services we offer to our citizens. It is their goal to implement programs that will help reduce crime, save lives on our roadways, and improve the quality of life for citizens of all ages and backgrounds.

           ♦ Police Traffic Services Unit (PTSU)

The Police Traffic Services Unit is the coordinating agency for the Northeast Traffic Enforcement Network and remains responsible for coordinating monthly network meetings. While the Police Traffic Services Unit continues to enforce traffic laws in the city and investigate traffic crashes, they also educate the public about driving under the influence and about the proper use of child restraint systems.     

 ♦ Pro-Active Community Enforcement Unit (PACE)

The Pro-Active Community Enforcement Unit is comprised of the Aggressive Criminal Enforcement Team (ACE), the department’s Park Ranger and the department’s K-9 Teams. Officers assigned to the PACE Unit are responsible for:
· Deterring criminal activities within the city limits of Gainesville, as well as, concentrating their presence and law enforcement actions within the city in an effort to reduce pattern crimes.
· Interacting with the citizens and business community and when possible attending neighborhood watch meetings.
· Conducting educational meetings with Gainesville citizens aimed at reducing crime in their assigned precinct and the City.
· Conducting covert operations.
· Responsible for conducting bike patrol as directed by their supervisor.
· Responsible for conducting follow-up investigations on self-initiated cases.

♦ K-9 Teams

The Gainesville Police Department canines are trained for drug searches, articles searches and tracking of suspects and missing persons. All canine teams train monthly to meet standards and each year must be certified by an independent canine certifying body.

Honor Guard Unit

The Gainesville Police Department’s Honor Guard Unit reports to the Operations Bureau Captain and is comprised of members from different divisions/units within the department. The Honor Guard participates in numerous events and ceremonies throughout the state to include: funerals, civic functions, and other venues or events.