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Mayor/Council Work Session

Thursday, June 2, 2016, 9:00 AM
Third Floor Conference Room 
Administration Building
300 Henry Ward Way
Gainesville, GA 30501

                                                                   WORK SESSION ISSUES


9:00 AM    Chattahoochee Golf Course

Resolution: Chattahoochee Golf Course Tee Marker Sponsorship                Rodger Hogan

9:10 AM    Administrative Services

Resolution: FY2017 Budget                                                         Melody Marlowe

9:25 AM    Administrative Services

Ordinance: FY2017 Ad Valorem Tax Rate                                  Melody Marlowe

9:35 AM    Administrative Services

Ordinance: FY2017 Ad Valorem Tax Rate - Board of Education      Melody Marlowe

9:45 AM    Administrative Services

Resolution: General Banking Resolution                Beverly Williams

9:50 AM    Administrative Services

Resolution: Financial Policies - Capital Assets      Beverly Williams

9:55 AM    Water Resources

Ordinance: Amend Title 10 - Schedule of Fees for Inside City Fire Sprinkler Fees and Sewer Fees                                                       Tina Wetherford

10:05 AM  Water Resources

Resolution: Wilshire Trail Storm Sewer Rehabilitation Project       Corey Jones

10:10 AM  Water Resources

Resolution: Flat Creek Water Reclamation Facility Digester Repair

- Phase II Additional Funding        Jarrett Nash

10:15 AM  Community Development

Resolution: Support of an Application for Low Income Housing Tax Credits-Atlanta Street Development, Phase 2                                  Chris Davis

10:20 AM  Community Development

Resolution: Adoption of FY15 Annual Update to the Capital Improvements Element (CIE)     Jessica Tullar

10:30 AM  Community Development

Tabled from March 1, 2016 Council Meeting: Request from Andrew Hothem to rezone a 0.48± acre tract located on the southeast side of the intersection of Lakeview Drive and Park Hill Drive (a/k/a 1490 Park Hill Drive NE), from Residential-I (R-I) to Residential-II (R-II). Ward Number: Two.  Tax  Parcel Number(s): 01-079-002-007. Request: Two-family residence.                      Matt Tate

10:35 AM  Community Development

Request from the City of Gainesville to amend the Unified Land Development Code for the City of Gainesville, Georgia. The proposed amendments are to include amendments to Article 9-3 entitled "General Provisions";  amendments to Article 9-7 entitled "Flexible Zoning Districts"; amendments to Article 9-8 entitled "Overlay Zones"; to adopt a new Article 9-9 entitled "Site and Architectural Design Review"; amendments to Article 9-13 entitled "Subdivisions and Land Development"; and to repeal and adopt a new Article 9-17 entitled "Access, Parking and Loading Requirements."                                              Matt Tate

10:45 AM  Community Development

Request from Timothy Bullard to annex a 20.42± acres tract located on the west side of the intersection  of  White  Sulphur Road and Pine Valley Road, having frontage on Crow Road (a/k/a 1582 and 1586 Pine Valley Road) and to establish zoning as Residential-II (R-II). Ward Number: Two.  Tax  Parcel Number(s): 09-124-000-039B and 203. Request: 240 Multi- family apartments.

10:55 AM  Community Development

Request from Jack Bailey to rezone a 3.39± acres tract located on the southeast side of the intersection of Chestatee Road and Dixon Drive and the northeast side of the intersection of Chestatee Road and Wilshire Road (a/k/a 920 Chestatee Road NW; 828, 836 and 842 Wilshire Road NW) from Residential-I (R-I) to Residential-II (R-II). Ward Number: Five Tax Parcel Number(s):            01-043-001-067,      068,      069     and     070. Request: Residential townhomes.                                          Matt Tate

11:05 AM  Community Development

Request from Jess Hughes (Carroll Daniel Construction) to abandon  the  entire  right-of-way  known  as Dale  Street,  consisting of 0.272± acre (395± linear feet), located at the east side of its intersection  with  Camp  Street,  south  of Athens  Street and  having a zoning classification  of  Heavy  Industrial  (H-I).  Ward Number: Three. Request: Abandonment of right-of-way.                                                 Matt Tate

11:10 AM  Community Development

Request from Teresa Vickers for a Special Use on a 0.23± acre tract located on the north side of Enota Avenue, west of its intersection with Walker Street (a/k/a 977 and 983 Enota Avenue NE), having a zoning classification of Office and Institutional (O- I ) . Ward Number: Two.  Tax Parcel Number(s):  01-087-002-006. Request: Hair Salon.                 Matt Tate

City Manager Issues

Presentation by Fairway Outdoor Advertising    Bryan Lackey


Appointment(s): Cemetery Committee                                                    Danny Dunagan

Appointment(s): Gainesville Non-Profit Development Foundation           Danny Dunagan

Appointment(s): Friends of the Parks                                                       Danny Dunagan

Appointment(s): Parks and Recreation Board                                          Danny Dunagan

Ex-Officio Report(s)