Main Street Gainesville

So much, so close!

Located in the heart of the business district, the downtown square is home to a number of boutique and second generation specialty stores, several restaurants and an entertaining and vibrant downtown nightlife.

There are over 50 businesses just downtown. Move out a block or two each way and you will be in the hundreds!!

What is Main Street Gainesville?

Who we are…

Main Street Gainesville is an organization of people who care about their town including businesses, residents, property owners, and non-profits. If you want more for your community, YOU are one of us.

What we do…

We carry the banner of a better life. Main Street Gainesville works through the 4-Point Approach of Main Street looking at business development, design, organization, and promotions to create a better Gainesville for you. Our goal is to preserve our resources, encourage well-rounded lifestyles, and to leave Gainesville better than we found it.

Where we are going…

Main Street Gainesville wants to create the best community. We do not strive to be like any other town, but to lead and have other towns yearn to be like us. We want more business, more arts, great events, more people to support our cause and anything else that will make Gainesville the very best!

How we get there…

Main Street Gainesville is able to provide programs that benefit the Gainesville Community through the support of the City of Gainesville, an annual appropriation of the Gainesville Hotel/Motel Tax, and investment by community members like you.


To find out how to become a member click here.

Visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DowntownGainesvilleGA or on Instagram at www.instagram.com/DowntownGainesvilleGA