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Fire Marshal, Fire Prevention

Fire Marshal,
Fire Prevention Division

If you're in trouble, you can count on Gainesville Fire Department to respond. But, it is also our goal to keep you from needing our emergency services. Our staff focuses on preventing fire and other life safety emergencies by doing the following:

  • Inspecting buildings for safety hazards before a fire occurs.

  • Reviewing construction plans for fire code compliance.

  • Issuing burn permits only after personally visiting the burn site.

  • Investigating fires to determine the cause.

  • Counseling young people who may get into trouble with fire.

  • Providing safety information to individuals, groups and businesses.


Preplan Program

Gainesville Fire Department personnel schedule visits with local businesses throughout the year to proactively prepare for emergency situations.

These visits are not inspections but instead are an opportunity for firefighters to gain insight about a structure's age, construction type, and physical layout. In addition, firefighters are able to become familiar with suppression features, plan ahead for apparatus placement, locate available water sources, and identify hazards (limited access areas, open stairways, equipment on roof, chemical storage areas, etc.) which may threaten the lives of civilians and firefighters during an emergency.

When firefighters complete the onsite visit, they return to the station and document their findings (forms & sketches). If you would like to schedule a preplan for your facility, please call (770) 534-7193.


Family and Education


Family Safety thumbnailFamily Safety Checklist

EVERYONE in your family has a role to play in your home’s fire safety.

Both adults and kids should be familiar with smoke alarms and home fire escape planning. Download this checklist and complete a fun family fire drill.

Fire Safety House

The Fire Safety House is a partnership between the Gainesville Fire Department, Gainesville City Schools, Hall County Fire Department,and Gainesville/Hall County Safe Kids Coalition.  It is equipped with a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and control room, and is designed specifically for interactive fire safety & severe weather safety for all children ages (4 thru 9) .

To request the Fire Safety House for your school or organization's event,please contact us at (770) 534-7193.