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The city budget cycle begins each year on July 1. During the preceding six months, Financial Services works with all city departments to create the City Manager’s proposed budget, which reflects the policy decisions of the City Council. The City Manager presents the proposed budget to City Council in May, and the public is given the opportunity to provide input. The City Council must vote to approve a balanced budget by June 30, before the new fiscal year begins.

The City Council also approves the property tax rate (millage rate) for the city government. As the tax collecting authority for the Gainesville City School System, the City Council also adopts the millage rate for the Board of Education.

2021 Services Snapshot

Connecting Our Community

Gainesville is committed to being an innovative city, providing a close-knit community feel in which to live, work, learn and play.

City of Gainesville’s Mission

To enrich the community of Gainesville by practicing good stewardship of resources and providing innovative and exemplary services for all people.

To accomplish this mission we will:

  • Maintain the attitude of “Do more with less/efficiency first”
  • Be exemplary in our service quality, low expenditures and effectiveness
  • Continue to revitalize the Midtown area to further the close-knit community feel
  • Be innovative in our economic development, in order to stimulate local economy
  • Be accountable to citizens and each other for our actions
  • Uphold the highest professional and ethical standards


Key City Services



2021 Budget

FY Annual Budget and Capital FY21 Annual Budget and Capital
Dig deeper into how your tax dollars are being put to work in our community. This annual ~300 page publication serves as a policy document, as an operations guide, as a financial plan and as a communications device.




Financial Review of Fiscal Year 2019

2019 Popular Annual Financial Report FY19 Popular Annual Financial Report
As part of our commitment to provide our citizens information about their city, we are pleased to present this Citizen's Report. The goal of this report is to provide highlighted information about your city's organizational structure, government operations, financial condition, and services offered in an uncomplicated and understandable format.


Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2020
This report is published to provide you and other interested parties with detailed information concerning the financial condition of the City of Gainesville. The report consists of management's representations concerning the finances of the City of Gainesvile, and was prepared by the staff of the Financial Services group. Rushton and Company, LLC, a firm of certified public accountants has audited the City of Gainesville's financial statements.