Chris Rotalsky, Director -

Todd Beebe, Deputy Director of Public Services -

Matt Tarver, Deputy Director of Engineering & Transportation -

Directors Office & Engineering - 770-535-6882
Planning, design, project management and construction of public improvements funded by the City as well as GDOT and development questions.

Traffic Engineering - Rhonda Brady – 770-535-6882 -
Operation of traffic signals for pedestrian and vehicular activity which includes traffic signal maintenance, new construction inspection, minor construction and improvements.

Public Lands & Buildings – Troy Grizzle – 770-535-3075 -
Planning, coordination, renovation, and maintenance of all buildings owned by the City.

Alta Vista Cemetery – Tommy Casper– 770-535-6883 -
Managing the sale of lots, record keeping, locating spaces, and grounds care of the two City owned cemeteries.

Vehicle Services – Dean Martin – 770-535-6885 -
Preventive maintenance and repairs to City vehicles and equipment.

Solid Waste – Dan Owen – 770-532-0493 -
Disposal of dead animals, curbside refuse pickup, chipping of yard waste items, large bulky items called “white goods”, and coordination of recycling services.

Street Maintenance – Brett Mosley – 770-532-0379 -
Repair and maintenance of streets, sidewalks, right-of-ways, and other related facilities located within the corporate limits, 24-hour emergency response services during inclement weather, curbside leaf pickup (October-January), sweeping of City streets and roadside litter control.

Airport Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport 
Fixed Based Operator (FBO) - 770-532-4136
Hangar Rental – 770-535-6882
Maintaining, improving, and upgrading all airport facilities including both ground and navigational devices, hangar rental, and airport industrial park leasing programs.