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Code Enforcement's mission is to enforce the ordinances of the City of Gainesville fairly and equitably through administrative, inspection, and regulatory procedures.

Each citizen has a right and is encouraged to report code violations. Reports may be made by telephone or in person to any member of Code Enforcement Division or the Police Department.

Once a report of a code violation is made, in most cases, a member of the Code Enforcement office will notify the responsible person(s) of the violation and educate them on how to gain compliance. If voluntary compliance is not achieved in a specified time period, the responsible person(s) is issued a citation and ordered to appear before an administrative hearing officer or the judge of the Municipal Court. Once a citation or summons is issued, the judicial officer makes all final decisions.

The following are brief descriptions of ordinances that generate the most questions about the code. Questions about the code should be directed to Sarah Wilson-Britt, Code Enforcement Manager via e-mail or by calling 770-531-6570.

Noise Disturbances (3-8-1)
It is unlawful for any person to make or create or cause to be continued any loud, unnecessary, or unusual sound or noise, which unreasonably annoys or is detrimental to others.

Junk Vehicles (3-5-11)
It is unlawful to keep, leave, or store any junk, and salvage equipment, machinery, parts, including inoperable motor vehicles out-of-doors upon any public or private land within the city.

Yard Parking (9-10-3-7)
Parking shall be permitted only in designated hard surfaced areas with concrete or asphalt surfacing and shall not be permitted outside such surfaced areas (i.e., no parking in yards).

Overgrown Vegetation (3-9-4)
No owner of land within the city may permit any obnoxious or disagreeable weeds, untrimmed grass, or unhealthy growths as determined by the City Marshal.

Littering (4-3-9)
It is unlawful to litter, throw, deposit, scatter or otherwise cause to be placed or left upon any public or private land, street or sidewalk any paper, waste, rubbish, trimmings, limbs, garbage, cartons, feathers, gravel or earth.

Residential Garbage (4-3-5)
Residential garbage must be placed in plastic bags with tops tied and placed in plastic containers equipped with a tight fitting cover with handles. Containers shall be restricted to a maximum capacity of thirty-five (35) gallons.

Private Dumpsters (4-3-12)
It is unlawful for any person to throw, deposit, or otherwise leave trash or garbage in dumpsters that are leased and paid for private use, except by permission of the owner.

Signs (9-18-2-5)
No sign may be painted upon or attached to a tree, utility pole, rock or other natural feature and no part of a sign shall be located in, over or project into a public right-of-way except for awning signs, canopy signs, or projecting signs in the Central Business District.

Street Solicitation (3-4-13)
No person may stand on any street or highway, including the right-of-way, within the city for the purpose of soliciting employment, business, or contributions from the occupants of any vehicle.

Poultry & Animal Yards (4-1-32)
It shall be unlawful for any person within the city to erect or maintain any poultry or animal yard within 300 feet of any residence except the residence of the owner, or within 300 feet of any public building. Unless such yard is maintained in accordance with the provisions set forth by the building inspections department.