Business Tax and Licensing

The mission of the Business Tax and Licensing division is to ensure that all ordinances passed by the Mayor and City Council are implemented and enforced fairly and equitably through code compliance investigations, administrative permitting and licensing, inspections, collections, and regulatory procedures. If you would like more information please contact our office.

City Marshal's Office
300 Henry Ward Way, Suite 103, Gainesville, GA 30501
P. O. Box 2496, Gainesville, GA  30503
Phone:  770-535-6861
Fax:  770-535-5636

The City Marshal's office issues citations and is responsible for ordinance enforcement, business permit processing, and business and occupation tax administration.

  • Billing
  • Collection
  • Administration
  • Enforcement


The following is an overview of the process necessary for obtaining an Occupation Tax certificate:*

  1. Businesses which will be operating from a commercial location should first obtain a Zoning Verification and Certificate of Occupancy from the Community Development Department, which is located at 311 Henry Ward Way. Once you have obtained your Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.), you should bring that document to the City Marshal's Office which is located in Room 103 of the Joint Administration Building next door to City Hall. Here you will complete a two-page form, which requires basic identifying information about your business. This normally takes about 10-15 minutes. Upon receipt of this form, a SAVE affidavit, and proper payment, based upon the tax table above, your application process will be complete.
  2. Businesses that will be operating from a residence should also go to the Community Development Department for a determination as to what steps are necessary for obtaining the proper approval for operating a business from your home. This essentially is determined by the type of business and location. You may qualify as a Home Office. If so, you will receive a copy of a Home Office Affidavit which you would then bring to the City Marshal's Office in Room 103 of the City Administration Building where you will fill out the form for your Business/Occupation Tax.  Upon receipt of this form, a SAVE affidavit, and proper payment, based upon the tax tax table above, your application process will be complete.

*There are exceptions to these procedures for certain businesses, which require special licenses.