Step 5 of the Building Permit Process

The inspection process follows receipt of the building permit. During this phase, each and every required phase of construction must be reviewed in a timely manner by the inspector to make certain the work conforms to the applicable Code, the Building Permit, and the approved plans.

When do I need an inspection?

An inspection is required at various stages of the construction process. Here is a general example for a new residential construction project:

The first inspection would probably be a temporary power pole followed by a footer inspection before any concrete is poured. If there is a slab involved, any plumbing and/or electric installed under that slab would also need inspecting before concrete is poured. Next is the damp proofing of the foundation walls before backfilling, which requires a letter from the water proofing company. The next inspection would be the rough-in inspection, which includes the framing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and gas systems before any insulation or drywall is installed. This inspection also includes fireplaces. Near project completion, a Gainesville Energy Compliance Certificate will be completed to be submitted at the final inspection. Lastly comes the final inspection where framing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, house numbering, landscaping and soil erosion measures are to be completed. We will issue a Certificate of Occupancy when approvals from all departments have been received.

What to do when I'm ready for an inspection

Please click here for instructions on how to schedule an inspection using the Accela Citizen Access Portal via computer or see the related documents below for instructions in English or Spanish for scheduling an inspection via a mobile device.

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