Campaign Finance

Election candidates must comply with reporting requirements defined in the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Act. The Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission administers and enforces provisions of the Act. Visit the State Ethics Commission website for additional information. Most reports will be filed in the City Clerk's Office. Visit for a list of the reports to be filed.

Formal - Legal Definition of "Candidate" Pursuant to O.C.G.A. §21-5-3(4)

"Candidate" means an individual who seeks nomination for election or election to any public office, whether or not such an individual is elected; and a person shall be deemed to seek nomination or election if such person has taken necessary action under the laws of this state to qualify such person for nomination for election or election or has received any contributions or made any expenditures in pursuit of such nomination or election or has given such person's consent for such person's campaign committee to receive contributions or make expenditures with a view to bringing about such person's nomination for election or election to such office.

Registration to File Campaign Reports Electronically

This information is required to create filer accounts in the Easy Vote Campaign Finance Software. After the account is established, the candidate and alternate filer (if applicable) will complete registration. Notice will be provided when the account setup is complete and when electronic filings can begin. Access the online form here.

Campaign Contribution Limits Have Changed

On April 18, 2019, the Campaign Finance Commission approved an increase in the maximum contributions. Please visit the campaign contribution limits website for the most current information.

Ethics Commission Training Options

The Ethics Commission periodically offers training. For more details visit