Park Vendors

Gainesville Parks and Recreation is seeking food truck vendors from June through September at the following locations:

    Longwood Park; 20 Pearl Nix Parkway
    Midland Greenway; 682 Grove Street
    Wilshire Park; 840 Wilshire Road


Mobile Vendors will be selected at the sole discretion of Gainesville Parks and Recreation. The following criteria will be used in part for consideration.

    Variety of Options Available
    Non-competing Vendors
    Price Point
    Event Specific Themes
    Reliability and Past Experience
    Reputation and Favorability Among Participants

Approved requests will be promoted through Gainesville Parks & Recreation. Initial applications will be received and reviewed until June 10 at 5:00pm, thereafter applications will be reviewed and approved on a first come, first served basis. Other locations and dates may be available; please inquire if interested.  


Per Chapter 6-9 entitled Permits of the Code of Ordinances, Section 6-9-7, Sale of Goods, Articles or Services: 

It shall be unlawful for any person to sell goods, articles, or services of any nature on any street, park or other property of the city without first obtaining written permission from the city manager, or his designee, which permission will not be granted unless the request and proposed use of the property will be in full accordance and compliance with all written policies, procedures, guidelines and fees applicable to the property for which the use is being sought, which policies, procedures, guidelines, and fees have been approved by the city council.

Please view our  Private Business in a Park Application which is used for individuals or organizations wishing to utilize a City of Gainesville park for private business purposes.