Proclamation Guidelines - General Information

A proclamation is an official announcement and/or public declaration issued by the Mayor and/or City Council to designate a specific time period (day, week, or month) for the purpose of raising awareness or celebrating historic milestones. They are ceremonial in nature and do not have any legislative value.


The purpose of these guidelines is to provide uniformity throughout the process and to make written guidelines available to interested parties. The Mayor and City Council primarily issue proclamations for the following reasons:

  • Raising public awareness on issues that directly affect the Gainesville/Hall County Community
  • To individuals or organizations whose actions or services are above and beyond the call of duty or extraordinary achievement
  • Worthwhile community events of individuals/organizations residing in or doing business within the Gainesville/Hall County Community

Request Process

All requests must be made using the City's Proclamation Application form. Requests should be submitted at least 14 calendar days prior to the event, or City Council meeting. Individuals/Organizations are encouraged to file their requests as early as possible to ensure there is sufficient time for the proclamation presentation at the requested City Council meeting. Applications received after the deadline will be prepared based upon staff availability. Requestors will be advised when issuance cannot occur by the event date or City Council meeting.

The requestor must provide draft language (4 to 6 Whereas Clauses) for the proclamation, and such language is subject to edits, revisions, and formatting by the City without notice. View the Proclamation Example (PDF). The Office Coordinator shall be responsible for reviewing all applications. A written notice will be provided for all requests that are denied.

Joint Proclamations

Joint proclamations may be requested and are typically issued between the City of Gainesville and Hall County. The guidelines and the request process remain the same for the City of Gainesville; however, the applicant is also required to make contact with Hall County. There should be open communication with both governments until the request has been fully completed.

Receipt of Final Document

Individuals/Organizations have several options for receiving the finalized proclamation. The proclamation can be:

  • Presented at an event sponsored by the individual/organization subject to the availability of a City representative. This may also pertain to Joint Proclamations.
  • Presented at a regularly scheduled Council Meeting
  • Picked up at the City Manager's Office at:
    300 Henry Ward Way
    Suite 303
    Gainesville, GA 30501
  • Mailed to the applicant at the address on the Proclamation Application.


Individuals/Organizations are limited to receiving one proclamation per calendar year.

Deviations from Policy

All deviations from these guidelines require approval from the Council or City Manager.

Proclamation Application

The Mayor and City Council are pleased to issue proclamations for the many worthwhile community events and causes significant to the City of Gainesville/Hall County Communities. To request a proclamation, complete the Proclamation Application. Please note that the application must also include draft proclamation language.

Additional Questions

For additional inquiries regarding a proclamation application, please contact The City of Gainesville Proclamations or call 770-535-6865.