K9 Agility Training

Trainer: Debby Duncan, Southern RuFFians

Agility Training (Hoops, Barrels & Tunnels) 

Agility classes include tunnels, tunnels with hoops or tunnels, barrels and hoops. These classes do not use any contact obstacles. Dogs of all ages can take part and it is a great opportunity to have fun while continuing or starting your agility training. The minimum age limit for puppies is 8 months. Any signs of aggression or excessive disruptive barking, the dog will be asked to leave the class premises. Register by April 30; June 4; July 9; August 6. No class on May 30 and July 4.

Minimum: 3 (1 dog per handler only)
Maximum: 8 Handlers (1 dog per handler only)

Dates: May 2 to May 16
Dates: June 6 to June 20
Dates: July 11 to July 25
Dates: August 8 to August 22

Days: Sunday
Time: 3 to 4pm
Location: Candler Fields at City Park
Fees: $50/$65 or ($24 One Time Visit. Must register online.)