Operations Bureau

Patrol Division

Patrol, the agency's first responders, is made up of four watches. Each watch is commanded by a lieutenant and supervised by a sergeant. Officers within the patrol division are divided into districts in order to cover the 37 square miles of the city. In order to effectively respond to a wide variety of calls, each watch has a designated Domestic Violence Response Officer, Crime Scene Officer, Crisis Intervention Team Officer, and a Motor Vehicle Crash Investigator.

Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is comprised of the General Investigations Unit and the Special Investigations Unit. General Investigations maintains a twenty-four-hour availability status by rotating an on-call schedule for investigations and crime scene processing. Investigators conduct follow-up investigations on incidents reported to the department. Types of investigations may range from misdemeanor thefts to homicide, and all crimes in between.

Skills & Training

The skills and training of the investigators and civilians in CID, allow for most aspects of investigations to be completed in house. These include, but are not limited to, conducting voice stress analysis on subjects involved in crimes, translation services, processing crime scenes, and producing composite drawings of suspects and items used during the commission of crimes.

Conducting Criminal Investigations

Investigators assigned to General Investigations have the responsibility of conducting criminal investigations consisting of interviewing witnesses, and victims, identifying, locating, and arresting suspects, presenting cases to the prosecutor, and assisting in the prosecution of the defendant, and locating, identifying, and preserving physical evidence at crime scenes.

Special Investigations

Investigators assigned to Special Investigations have the responsibility of not only following up on assigned cases but also initiating cases from contacts in the community as they relate to gangs, vice crimes, drug crimes, and intelligence. In addition to their investigative duties, these investigators are often called upon for speaking engagements related to drug and gang prevention.

Crime Scene & Evidence Processing

Two General Investigators are designated as the department's crime scene processors. These investigators have received specialized training in the recovery and preservation of evidence. This includes, but is not limited to, photographing and videotaping crime scenes, measuring and sketching crime scenes, and recovering latent prints and DNA.

Property & Evidence Unit

The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for the maintenance of evidence/ property records, evidence/property storage, and disposal and release of property and evidence submitted by officers of the department.


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