Safety Tips for Travelers

  • Never leave any valuables (wallets, purses, cell phones, etc.) exposed in the passenger compartment of your vehicle. Never hide items under your seat. The most secure place to put items is in the trunk.
  •  Always park your vehicle in a well-traveled and well-lit area and always lock your vehicle.
  •  Don't leave any valuables (jewelry, money, etc.) in your room while you are away. Utilize the security boxes or safe the hotel offers.
  •  Always be sure to lock your room while you are out and use the extra locks while you are in your room.
  •  Be sure you have an updated list of your traveler's checks in your room or vehicle should they be lost.
  •  In case of fire use the stairs to exit from the upper floors
  •  Read over and become familiar with the placard mounted on the door interior explaining state laws concerning hotel occupancy.
  •  Familiarize yourself with the hotel telephone system and know how to get an outside line.
  •  To report an emergency from your room telephone, use the outside line number, then dial 911. To report an emergency from any public telephone just dial 911.