Solid Waste

Guidelines for Garbage Pick Up

To best prepare your garbage for pick up, please follow these simple guidelines.

Learn your residence's assigned garbage collection day by calling 770-532-0493.


Garbage cans must be located either:

  1. At curbside
  2. At the end of the driveway
  3. Within 10 feet of the house visible from the primary driveway and not inside in-ground containers

The collection crews will not enter any residential structure to collect garbage. This includes any fenced area. Garbage cans must be set outside fences, garages, carports and other enclosed areas except containment areas that were designed only for the storage of garbage cans and are placed in the location listed previously.

Preparation & Storage

Household garbage must be placed in suitable bags, securely tied at the top with no tears or leaks. The amount put into the bag must not exceed the bags' capacity to be handled without ripping or tearing open (use more bags instead of over-filling). These securely tied bags should be put into a clean, dry, sanitary can with a tight fitting lid. Any bags left outside the container such as on top of the lid or on the ground or if the lid is held open by a bag will show that you have exceeded the cans' capacity and these bags will not be collected.


The maximum amount per pick-up is 96 gallons, which should be collected in one city-supplied 96-gallon rolling garbage cart. If your volume exceeds a combined total of 96 gallons per pick-up, we encourage you to recycle more or be prepared to pay an additional pick-up fee. Customers may request a second 96-gallon rolling garbage cart for an additional fee of $25 per month.


Containers must be ready for collection no later than 7 am on your collection day.


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