General Information

  • The Gainesville Fire Department consists of four fire stations equipped with a total of 12 fire trucks (seven engines, two aerials, one rescue and two squads).
  • There are currently 92 employees working on three rotating shifts that consist of 24 hours on, 48 hours off, and 11 administrative staff members for a total of 103 personnel.
  • Our response area is 36 square miles with approximately 36,000 citizens during evening hours and as many as 150,000 citizens during daytime hours.
  • Firefighters and paramedics respond to 70% of calls within 5 minutes. Less than one-fifth of the nation's fire departments meet that benchmark.
  • The Gainesville Fire Department is rated as one of the ISO Class 1 Fire Departments in the State of Georgia. This rating allows residents and businesses to receive lower insurance premiums and superior service.
  • To maintain the Class 1 rating, the department routinely conducts training classes and exercises. Individual members are required to attend a minimum of 240 hours of training per year. This specialized training also benefits our growing industrial community.
  • In addition to firefighting, many of our personnel are trained in the areas of emergency medical, high-angle rescue and confined space/trench rescue.
  • In response to our ever-changing society, we also train in Hazardous Material Emergency Response with the Hall County Fire Department.

Employment Opportunities

Please check the City of Gainesville Jobs Portal for employment opportunities available with the Gainesville Fire Department. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Human Resources Department at 770-535-6887 during normal business hours.