Hall Area Transit Services

Hall Area Transit is a public transportation system that has served the City of Gainesville and Hall County since 1983. Its mission is to provide efficient, effective and affordable public transportation that will allow riders to access:

  • Government Offices
  • Jobs
  • Medical/Dental Offices
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Retail Shops
  • Social Service Agencies
  • Other Important Community Sites

Reduce Traffic Congestion & Minimize Air Pollution

Hall Area Transit is a key component in helping reduce traffic congestion and minimize air pollution. It also encourages new generations of Hall-Countians to consider alternatives to driving in single-occupancy vehicles. Public transportation supports our community in other ways, too. It helps people that cannot drive - such as youth, seniors and persons with disabilities - to fully participate in and contribute to our vibrant community. Public transportation is a way for people to get connected and stay connected with others in the community!

Transportation Services

Transportation options for those traveling in Gainesville-Hall County include Dial-A-Ride, Gainesville Connection and WeGo, a new vanpool service that launched in December 2020.

Title VI / Nondiscrimination Policy Statement & Management Commitment to Title VI Plan

49 CFR Part 21.7(a): Every application for Federal financial assistance to which this part applies shall contain, or be accompanied by, an assurance that the program will be conducted or the facility operated in compliance with all requirements imposed or pursuant to [49 CFR Part 21].