Urban Redevelopment Plan

The Gainesville/Hall Economic Opportunity Gateways Urban Redevelopment Plan has been prepared in conjunction with the Gainesville 2030 Comprehensive Plan and is intended to increase the number of incentives and economic development tools available to encourage investment and job creation in the City and Hall County.

Opportunity Zone

The Plan, as authorized by O.C.G.A. sec. 36-61-1 et. Sequence, will serve as the basis for future application(s) for Opportunity Zone designation from the Georgia Department of Community Affairs for the area, with the goal of creating one Urban Redevelopment Area with three potential Opportunity Zones contained in three subareas.

Economic Opportunity Gateways Urban Redevelopment Plan

The Economic Opportunity Gateways Urban Redevelopment Plan is needed to help the City and County fulfill the vision and goals set forth in numerous planning efforts, most recently the Gainesville 2030 Comprehensive Plan. The objective of this initiative is three-fold:

  • Economic Growth - To grow the economy of Gainesville and Hall County, increase the tax base of both the City and County and to provide a wider range of employment opportunities in the community.
  • Responsible Growth - To direct growth into developed corridors or those areas which the City and County have designated as future employment centers in order to provide services more efficiently and to protect the area's natural resources and the rural character of Hall County.
  • Redevelopment - To stimulate redevelopment of aging properties without historic or aesthetic appeal in order to develop more pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use projects which reflect the character of Gainesville and Hall County while protecting natural resources and established residential neighborhoods.