Gainesville Nonprofit Development Foundation


  • Quarterly
  • Gainesville Administration Building - The Station
    300 Henry Ward Way
    1st Floor
    Gainesville, GA 30501


In 1970, the City of Gainesville established Gainesville Nonprofit Development Foundation Inc. (GNDF) to oversee land purchases and housing development. A seven-member board appointed by the Gainesville City Council and staffed by the Housing & Special Projects Manager governs the GNDF. The mission of the GNDF is "to eliminate slums, combat community deterioration, secure adequate housing, purchase land and/or develop the land, improve living conditions in the City of Gainesville and engage in all lawful activities directly or indirectly related thereto."


The Gainesville Nonprofit Development Foundation makes loans to applicants that are unable to obtain a loan from a private lender. The loan is used solely to help pay for repairs under the Rehabilitation Program.

Contact Information

For additional information, please contact Jessica Tullar, Housing & Special Projects manager, or call 770-531-6574.

Gainesville Nonprofit Development Foundation Board Members

Appointment Appointee
Ward 1 Maria Calkins
Ward 2 Dick Young
Ward 3 Rebina Warthen
Ward 4 Audrey Simmons
Ward 5 Broughton Cochran
6 (At-Large) Carlyle Cox
7 (At-Large) Joy Griffin
City Council Ex-Officio Member Barbara Brooks