In accordance with the Georgia Election Code, qualifying fees are calculated in January of each election year and published no later than February 1st. The calculation is 3% of the total gross salary paid in the preceeding calendar year for the office being sought. If the position is not a salaried office, a reasonable fee shall be set by the governing authority in accordance with State law. Individuals unable to pay the qualifying fee may use the pauper provisions to qualify as a candidate. This process requires filing an affidavit and a petition bearing at least 106 signatures of registered voters during the qualifying period. Qualifying affidavits shall be in accordance with the Georgia Election Code. It is a felony to falsify these documents.

2017 Qualifying Fees

Qualifying fees were established via Business Resolution 2017-05 and were published in The Gainesville Times as follows:

  • Mayor - $831.00
  • Council Member, Ward 1 - $786.00
  • Council Member, Ward 4 - $786.00
  • Board of Education Member, District 1 - $174.60
  • Board of Education Member, District 4 - $174.60