Visitor's Kiosk Unveiled

Gainesville Tourism and Trade unveiled their new visitor’s kiosk today

during the Blue Sky Concert Series on the Square. Tourism and Trade

Manager, Deb Gregson, said the kiosk is designed to bring information

to the visitor. “I’m sure we’ve all been in a situation when we visited

another community and wished we had quick access to a Visitor’s

Guide or a map. This mobile kiosk was designed to bring the

information to someone who is already visiting our downtown. It keeps

them from having to leave and find our office,” Gregson said.


The kiosk will be housed inside Frames You Nique and rolled outside

the store during events and on weekends to assist visitors.


Tourism generates more than $45 billion annually in total economic

impact for the State of Georgia. And, it is a multi-million dollar business

in North Georgia. “We are three months into the Fiscal Year and

Gainesville’s Hotel/ Motel Tax is trending higher than the previous 5

years,” Gregson said. “Based on planned events in 2013 and 2014 we

expect these numbers will remain steady,”  Gregson added.