Tree Climbing Championship in Gainesville

Thirty professional tree climbers from across the nation will converge
on Gainesville Friday, March 1 for the 16th Annual Georgia Arborist
Association Tree Climbing Championship.
Georgia arborist liason, Wendy Bishonden, says climbers from across
the country will participate in five event categories, but only climbers
from Georgia are eligible to be named the State Champ. “The
categories include everything from a Foot Lock, a technique for getting
into the tree, to Aerial Rescue, the highest scoring and most difficult
event which involves bringing a climber down safely. The judges are
looking for skill, technique, poise, safety and how well climbers use
their equipment in the tree. The competition also calls attention to the
value of trees and the arborists who care for them,” Bishonden said.
More than 50 judges, technicians, and assistants will set up the events

and prune the mature red and white oak trees on the grounds of the

Martha Hope Campfire Cabin on Friday. The competition begins at

8:00am Saturday. This year’s event will also include a family tree

Arborists have the second deadliest job in the country and because of

this the first order of business is always an emergency response plan.