Traffic Light Goes Dark March 15

GAINESVILLE, Ga. –The Georgia Department of Transportation and the City of Gainesville are will turn off the existing traffic signal at State Route 13 and State Route 369 Thursday morning. Weather delayed the change today.
Georgia DOT and the City of Gainesville are evaluating the need for the existing traffic signal at the intersection of Atlanta Highway/State Route 13 and Jesse Jewell Parkway/Browns Bridge Road/State Route 369. A traffic signal study completed in 2011 revealed that there were not sufficient vehicles utilizing this intersection to meet the minimum Federal requirements.
Georgia DOT has granted a temporary order to “turn off” the signal at this location beginning Thursday, March 15. During this six month test period while the signal is off, the intersections operation and safety record will be evaluated.
“With the traffic signal turned off, vehicles leaving Gainesville on Jesse Jewell Parkway/State Route 369 will be able to turn left onto Atlanta Highway/State Route 13 at any time after yielding to on-coming traffic. Right now, vehicles on SR 369 must wait for the left arrow to turn green before turning onto      SR 13.  Nothing changes for vehicles coming into town on Atlanta Highway. Traffic will not be allowed to turn left onto Jesse Jewell Parkway but may turn right after yielding to traffic coming into town on Jesse Jewell,” explained Brent Cook, Georgia DOT District Traffic Engineer.
After the six month trial period the information gathered will be reviewed by Georgia DOT and the City of Gainesville.  Based on that review, if the data is found to be acceptable without the control of a traffic signal, the existing traffic signal equipment will be permanently removed.