REGISTER NOW - Citizens' Government Academy

Registration is underway for the 12th session of the award winning
Citizens’ Government Academy. Come and find out why Gainesville
has been recognized as a City of Excellence, A Georgia Trendsetter
City, A City of Ethics and one of the lowest tax towns in the nation.
Sponsored by the City of Gainesville, the nine week session will
begin Monday, March 4 with graduation on Monday, May 6.
Classes will be held from 6pm-9pm at various city facilities.
According to City Manager Kip Padgett, this is not your typical
classroom lecture.  “Having taught the Citizens’ Academy to more than
275 residents in the past 11 years we have received tremendous
feedback on what the community wants to know about local
government. We want the classes to be interesting and give the
students one-on-one time, from the shooting range at the Police
Department, to the Driving Range at the Golf Course,” Padgett
Applicants must be 21 years of age and a resident of the United
States. Registration forms are available on the City website at
www.gainesville.org, or by calling 770-531-6598.  The academy is
free of charge. Registration ends February 22 and class size is limited.  
Contact:Gainesville Communications and Tourism Director,
Catiel Felts, at 770-297-5499.