Red Rabbit Ridership Rocketed in 2010

Administrators are expressing delight after a year-end review of operational figures revealed that ridership on the Red Rabbit bus service increased by 32,710 to produce their largest annual ridership of 143,000. 


“That’s a 22% increase in ridership,” reported Community Service Center Director, Phillippa Lewis Moss.  Officials believe that system improvements and the recession contributed to the increase. Moss says, “The recession has caused families to take a second look at how they use their scarce resources and for some of them this means reducing their use of the family car or doing away with the car all together. We are fortunate we are able to offer them this service of transportation when they need it the most. ”


Richard Ticehurst, Operations/General Manager for Hall Area Transit says the second factor has to do with system improvements that began taking shape last February.  “In 2010 two routes went from 60 to 30 minutes service (Routes 2&5), and two brand new routes (Routes 6&7) were added to reach the Oakwood community with particular focus on reaching students at Gainesville State College and Lanier Technical College,” said Ticehurst.  So far, businesses impacted by the expanded service have expressed their pleasure in seeing more people hop aboard the Red Rabbit. According to Moss, the challenge for 2011 is to find ways to continue improving transportation services with no expected increases in funding. Moss says, “I’ve told staff to put on their thinking caps because we are going to have to get creative.”


For more information call Phillippa Lewis Moss at 770-503-3330.