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If you would like to be added to the City of Gainesville's vendor listing, please print and mail a completed Vendor Application and IRS Form W-9 to the address below.  Both forms can be found at the bottom of this page in the section containing "Related Documents".  As stated in the Vendor Application, the required documents must be provided to the City, and an "Active Vendor" status must be rendered before business can be conducted.  Thank you for your interest in doing business with the City of Gainesville.


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The City of Gainesville invites all vendors and contractors to visit the bid opportunities web page on a regular basis.  We will list each Invitation to Bid, Request for Proposal, and Request for Qualifications on this web page when the City is ready to receive bids.

Please read each bid package carefully to ensure all requirements are met when submitting a bid package.  The City reserves the right to reject any or all bids based upon the guidelines outlined in the City of Gainesville's Purchasing Ordinance.  If you have any questions concerning a specific bid, contact the correspondent as listed in the bid package.  All questions regarding specific bid packages must be submitted in writing.

The City will post most addenda for specific bids to the City's Bid Opportunities web page and disseminate this information to all known bidders; however, it is the Bidder's responsibility to check this web page for the addenda prior to submitting a bid package.

Bidders without the appropriate documentation as listed in the bid package or any addenda may be deemed non-responsive or nonresponsible.  

TitleOpen DateClose Date
Request for Proposals - FY 2018 Water Main Improvements

FY 2018 Water Main Improvements


SEPARATE SEALED PROPOSALS for furnishing engineering services required for the FY 2018 Water Main Improvements are planned to be received by the City of Gainesville, Department of Water Resources (DWR) Engineering & Construction Division at the DWR Administration Building, 757 Queen City Parkway, S.W., Gainesville, Georgia 30501, until 5:00 P.M., on Thursday October 12, 2017.
THE PROJECT consists of the following major elements:  conducting all required surveying for design, designing water main replacements for selected areas, permitting services, preparing all contract documents for design and bidding services, and assisting with bidding of the referenced project.
THE WORK will be awarded in one Not to Exceed Contract.
PROPOSERS SELECTION:  Proposals will be solicited from consultants currently on the City of Gainesville Pre-Qualified Consultants list. Additional consultants can request a copy of the RFP but will be required to submit additional qualification information. Copies of the RFP documents will be available to the consultants on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 and can be obtained, via email, from the project manager, Jason Perry at jperry@gainesville.org. There is no cost for said documents.
THE SUCCESSFUL PROPOSER for this Contract will be required to furnish satisfactory liability insurances per City of Gainesville Agreement for Professional Services Insurance Requirements.
INSURANCE LIMITS for this Contract will require a minimum of: $1,000,000.00 General Liability, $1,000,000.00 per occurrence & $2,000,000.00 aggregate Professional Liability insurance.
THE OWNER reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive informalities and to re-advertise. Determination of best response to Proposal will be the sole judgment of the City of Gainesville. Proposals will be evaluated based on schedule, responsiveness to RFP, qualifications, proposal fee, and others criteria stated in the RFP. Proposal terms shall remain valid for ninety days from the date of the Proposal opening.
THE CITY OF GAINESVILLE is an equal opportunity owner/employer and will not discriminate against any vendor because of race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, or ADA disability status.

PUBLIC RECORDS Any information contained in this proposal is subject to public disclosure.
It is the Proposers responsibility to verify that all documents are contained in the package received from the City. If any documents are missing, contact the project manager.
PROJECT CONTACT:  The project manager for this project is Jason Perry, jperry@gainesville.org, (770-538-2460) with Gainesville Department of Water Resources.

Details and Documents:
pdf FY 2018 Water Main Improvements