Police Utilize New Technology

The Gainesville Police Department can now better protect its officers and citizens with the assistance of two new Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) systems.
The new FLIR systems were purchased with grant funds. These units will allow officers to better protect themselves and citizens in the dead of night. They can be utilized in total darkness, through smoke, fog, and light foliage. The units have many functions and will be utilized by all divisions within the department.
The handheld FLIR units can be used in many situations. The thermal technology can assist officers in locating missing or fleeing subjects in darkness and low light areas. Officers will be able to quickly respond to scenes and utilize the system to track these subjects. The units can be utilized to protect officers when clearing dark buildings and searching dense thick wooded areas.
This is the same technology found on airborne law enforcement units, except in a hand held form. The system works off of thermal heat and imaging. Suspects can hide; they just can’t hide their heat.
Citizen and officer safety is always a top priority. With these units safety will be enhanced by all. These units may prove to be a valuable tool in searching for missing children, Alzheimer and dementia patients.
It is important that as technology progresses, so shall the police department. As criminals are using technology to commit crimes, it is important that we utilize technology to find them.
Any questions or comments regarding this press release please contact Officers Kevin Holbrook or Joe Britte at PublicInformationOfficer@gainesville.orgor (770)-287-0893.