One Stop Shop for Reporting Hazards in Gainesville-Hall County

The City of Gainesville and Hall County Government have set up a one

stop shop for the reporting of road hazards, fire hazards, storm

damage and other concerns. Gainesville Public Works Director, David

Dockery, says they were looking for a civic engagement tool and it

made sense to team up with Hall County since they already have their

Citizen’s Alert System. “We have been approached by several

companies wanting to sell us some kind of program. We decided to

team up with  Hall County since their Citizen’s Alert System is already

in place. It doesn’t matter where you live. Just take a picture of the

hazard and send it in. Hall County Dispatch will make sure it goes to

the right government,” Dockery said.


Hall County Fire Chief and Emergency Management Agency Director

for Gainesville-Hall County, David Kimbrell, says citizens

must register first at alerts.hallcounty.org. “Once someone has

registered for the Citizen’s Alert System they can download the

Everbridge Application, take a picture of the hazard, and send it to us.

We want to take care of these issues before they become truly

hazardous,” Chief Kimbrell said.


Register for the Citizen’s Alert System on the County or the City

website then download the app from Everbridge.com.