Issued Permits Reports

The Inspection Services Division issues various permits on a daily basis.  In an effort to make those records readily accessible to the general public, we have decided to post these reports online. 

There are several different types of permits that are issued and the following list provides the type and brief description of each:

CMB - Combination Permits (Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing)
COM - Commercial Permits (Non-residential new construction, additions, alterations, Certificates
           of Occupancy)
DEV - Development Review (Land Disburbance Permits)
MIS - Miscellaneous Permits (Swimming pools, retaining walls, site inspection, demoliton) 
PLN - Plan Review (Review of commercial new construction, additions, alterations)
RES - Residential Permits (New construction, additions, renovations, re-roofs)
SGN - Sign Permits (Monument and Wall Signs)

Listed below are the various permits issued from the Inspection Services Division for the month/week as noted.


JAN     FEB     MAR   APR   MAY   JUN   JUL

DEV     DEV    DEV    DEV    DEV   DEV   DEV
MIS      MIS     MIS     MIS     MIS    MIS    MIS
PLN     PLN     PLN    PLN    PLN    PLN   PLN
RES     RES    RES    RES    RES   RES   RES
SGN    SGN    SGN   SGN    SGN   SGN   SGN




DEC    NOV     OCT     SEP    AUG     JUL    JUN     MAY   APR    MAR    FEB     JAN    
CMB    CMB    CMB    CMB    CMB    CMB    CMB    CMB   CMB    CMB    CMB    CMB         
COM    COM   COM    COM    COM   COM    COM   COM   COM   COM    COM    COM        
DEV     DEV    DEV     DEV     DEV    DEV     DEV    DEV    DEV    DEV     DEV     DEV         
MIS      MIS     MIS      MIS      MIS     MIS      MIS     MIS     MIS     MIS      MIS     MIS           
PLN     PLN     PLN     PLN      PLN    PLN     PLN     PLN    PLN     PLN     PLN      PLN
RES    RES     RES     RES     RES    RES     RES    RES    RES    RES     RES      RES
SGN    SGN    SGN     SGN    SGN    SGN     SGN   SGN    SGN   SGN     SGN     SGN