Meals on Wheels Fundraiser Announced

A grass roots effort is underway locally to move senior citizens who
qualify for Meals on Wheels off the waiting list and onto the lunch list. 
Officials from the North Georgia Community Foundation announced
the establishment of a new fund today to accept donations for the
Meals on Wheels program operated by the Gainesville-Hall County
CommunityService Center.
CSC Director, Phillippa Lewis Moss, said food insecurity is a
growing issue among older adults and not just seniors living below the
poverty line. “Seniors of varying incomes can struggle to get their daily
required units of food. No matter what your wealth, if you are overcome
by illness and disability, preparing a safe nutritional meal by yourself is
a constant threat to older adults. For years, programs like Meals on
Wheels have reached out to seniors to lend a helping hand, but three
years of economic decline have hampered these efforts. We are
extremely grateful for this fund for Meals on Wheels and for
Gainesville-HallCountycoming together to take care of their seniors,”
Moss said.
There are currently 132 people on the waiting list for Meals on Wheels.
The cost to feed one person:
Meal/Day            $       5.91
Meal/Month      $   118.20
Meal/Year           $1,418.40
The cost to feed 132 people: $1,418.40 x 132 = $187,228
According to research sponsored by the Meals on Wheels Association,
nearly six million seniors faced the threat of hunger in 2007 and the
number continues to grow.  Even though Georgia is the country’s 12th
largest producer of agriculture, the state ranks as the 6th highest for
food insecurity among older adults.
Community donations for Meals on Wheels should be made payable to
the Gainesville-Hall County Community Council on Aging Fund, North
Georgia Community Foundation, 615F Oak Street, Suite 1300,
Gainesville, Georgia30501.
For more information call Community Service Center Director, Phillippa
Lewis Moss, at  770-503-3330.