Gainesville, GA
Did You Know?
The City of Gainesville's workforce consists of 630 full time employees in 250 different job classifications.


If you are interested in applying for one of these jobs, please submit an Employment Application.

If you wish to apply in person, applications may be dropped off at Human Resources located at 311 Henry Ward Way. 
TitleJob CodeDepartmentSummaryClose DateDetails
Pipefitter I3635-000Public UtilitiesAssist with operation and maintenance of the water and sewer systems. Installs, repairs, and maintains water and sewer lines insuring service to the customers is uninterrupted or restored as soon as possible. Open Until FilledSee Details
Part-Time Laborer0001-430aChattahoochee Golf CoursePerforms semi-skilled work in a variety of areas. Duties include operating vehicles and equipment in either a specific or a variety of maintenance, construction, or utility tasks.Open Until FilledSee Details
Firefighter I/EMT9220-222Fire Department*TO OBTAIN AN APPLICATION, PLEASE CONTACT THE HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE * While training for advancement and certification in the Fire Department, assists upper level firefighters and officers in suppression, rescue operations, and all duties associated with assuring fire stations and equipment are ready for all emergency and non-emergency situations. Open Until FilledSee Details
Part-Time Van Driver II0001-448Community Service Center - Hall Area TransitTransport passengers ensuring buses are on time based on assigned route schedule. Open Until FilledSee Details
Part-Time Night/Weekend Clean-Up WorkerPT-NWCW-380Parks and RecreationSets-up, cleans, and maintains Gainesville Civic Center according to customer specifications and guidelines set by Operations Supervisor. Supervises Community Service workers when available.Open Until FilledSee Details
WTP Shift Supervisor8133-540Public Utilities DepartmentSupervises, oversees and directs the operation of a shift at WTP on a daily basis, monitoring all equipment, adding or deleting chemicals, and assuring adequate supplies are available and the finished treated water meets all applicable standards for purity.Open Until FilledSee Details
Backflow Prevention Inspector3090-565Public Utilities DepartmentCoordinates, performs, and works with industries and citizens by monitoring and checking water connections to assure backflow prevention for the Gainesville Water System. In order to protect the City’s water system, works to eliminate existing hazards, and to prevent future cross connections.Open Until FilledSee Details
Maintenance Manager8565-552Public Utilities DepartmentPlans, budgets for, directs, and supervises employees engaged in the daily repair and maintenance of all Public Utility Department (PUD) Facilities, to include the City’s main PUD Office Building, Riverside Drive and Lakeside Water Treatment facilities and their associated raw water intakes, Flat Creek and Linwood Water Reclamation facilities, Cedar Creek river pump station and related pipeline and reservoir, warehousing facilities, 50+ sewage pump stations and water booster pump stations, water storage tanks, Right-of-Ways, and all other PUD-owned buildings, structures and grounds. Directly responsible for the upkeep of all Public Utility real property via use of in-house personnel and assets or by contractual arrangements.Open Until FilledSee Details
Payroll Specialist 1013-170Human Resources and Risk ManagementResponsible for performing, resolving, and leading payroll administration on a daily basis with the objective of ensuring payroll is computed and processed accurately and timely. Must be able to use considerable judgment and take initiative as required to perform and resolve human resources and/or payroll related tasks while working independently with limited supervision. Act as a liaison between employees, departments, and human resources or other third party representatives where payroll administration is concerned. Open Until FilledSee Details
Part-Time LifeguardPT-LG-302Parks and RecreationUnder general supervision, is responsible for the safety and health of all facility patrons to ensure proactive and expeditious accident prevention and response; responds to all dry land and water related accidents and emergencies; enforces compliance with state and local laws as well as facility and agency regulations and policies; and performs related duties as assigned.Open Until FilledSee Details
Corrections Officer9125-331Public Works - Street MaintenanceSupervises detail of 2-4 inmates assigned by Correctional Institute to perform right of way maintenance duties throughout the city limits of Gainesville.Open Until FilledSee Details
Utility Senior Accountant8875-575Public UtilitiesDirects a staff of utility billing employees and analysts and is responsible for management of the utility billing system and database, including quality control issues. Oversees scheduling and coordinates database management issues with customer service staff to insure timeliness and accuracy of billing.Open Until FilledSee Details
Part-Time Cart Attendant0001-430bChattahoochee Golf CourseThis position is responsible for pulling golf carts out early each morning and cleaning, parking and charging each cart in the evening. The golf cart attendant is also responsible for picking up range balls, general cleanliness of the practice range, cart storage area and clubhouse exterior.Open Until FilledSee Details
Equipment Operator I3600-530Public Works - Solid WasteOperates small to medium sized equipment, including backhoe loaders, garbage trucks, scooters, etc. Performs manual labor in the construction, maintenance and/or repair of City right-of-ways, property and facilities. Cleans up garbage and curbside trash, also litter control.Open Until FilledSee Details
Van Driver II 6506-448Community Service Center - Hall Area TransitTransports passengers to and from designated locations, ensuring buses/vans are on time based on assigned schedule.Open Until FilledSee Details
Certified Police Officer9720-221Gainesville Police Department*** Please contact the Human Resources office to obtain a Police Officer application *** Responsible for compliance with all departmental policies and procedures, as well as State and Federal laws and regulations, and for achieving the primary/fundamental goals and objectives of maintaining law and order, preventing crimes, protecting life and property, and assuring that all services are delivered in a safe, effective, professional, timely and efficient manner. Open Until FilledSee Details