Karate for Ages 12 and older

Practice Shito-Ryu Karatedo with a heavy focus on practical use for self-defense. Students will still be prepared compete in tournaments if they desire. Emphasis will be placed on basic techniques, kata (forms), and sparring. Classes will concentrate on improving total fitness of both mind and body. Participants provide uniform.  
Additional fees may be required for testing.
Register by 9/9, 10/2, 11/6, 12/2

Instructor: Todd Irvine

354008-01    9/12-10/3      M    6:00P-7:15P and  SAT    10:00A-11:15A  $60/$80
354008-02    10/5-10/26  M    6:00P-7:15P and  SAT    10:00A-11:15A  $60/$80
354008-03    11/9-11/30    M    6:00P-7:15P and  SAT    10:00A-11:15A   $50/$70
354008-04    12/5-12/21    M    6:00P-7:15P and  SAT    10:00A-11:15A  $50/$70
Location:  Gainesville Civic Center
Min/Max:  4/20