Help 2 Others, H2O

The Gainesville Public Utilities Department is trying to help customers who are having a hard time paying their water bills. Finance and Administration Division Manager, Tina Wetherford, said today, customers have the option to round up their water bills to the nearest dollar and help the less fortunate. The program is called Help 2 Others or H2O.
 “We would like to encourage our water customers to sign up online or from their bill.  We currently send out 46,500+ bills a month.  If we get 10% of our customers to sign up for the program it would range from $558.00 a year to $55,242 a year in assistance for our customers. The money that is generated from the “round up” will be given to the Salvation Army and made available in hardship cases such as high water bills, wells that go bad and high bills from plumbers,” Wetherford said.
“Gainesville water customers who sign up will see less than $12 increase in a year and the donation is a tax deductible contribution,” Wetherford added. 
Interested customers can sign up on the Gainesville home page by clicking on the water faucet on the right. http://www.gainesville.org/form/water-bill/
For more information call Tina Wetherford at 770-538-2401.