Gainesville Wins Big in Housing

Gainesville Mayor Ruth Bruner said today she is pleased and encouraged by a report on www.cbsmoneywatch.com listing Gainesville as one of the biggest winners in the country with the highest year-over-year home value gain.  “This is excellent news for our real estate market. This article confirms that Gainesville is not experiencing the same plummeting values as so many other cities around the country. Hopefully, as people see the report, they will want to know more about our city,” Bruner said.


The data was gathered from Zillow (a free online real estate site) and included the percentage gain or loss in home values for the fourth quarter 2010.


The biggest winners with the highest year-over-year home value gain are: (1) Ann Arbor, MI (Gain: 11.3%)  (2) Gainesville, GA (Gain: 8.4%) (3) Honolulu, HI (Gain: 4%) (4) Madera, CA (Gain: 3.8%) (5) Merced, CA (Gain: 2.6%).


According to the article, these cities were able to increase their home values despite a tough economy and struggling housing market. 


For more information you can reach Mayor Bruner at 770-532-7207.