Gainesville Public Utility Building Hours Change

Additional options for paying your water bill should result in a cost
savings for the Gainesville Public Utilities Department Administration
building in 2012. Beginning Tuesday, January 3, the building, located
at 757 Queen City Parkway, will be open from 8am - 5pm.  The office
was previously open from 7am - 6pm.
Finance and Administration Division Manager, Tina Wetherford, says
the extended hours are no longer needed. “We see very few
customers before 8am and after 5pm. In the past few years we have
given our customers several options for paying their bills including
online at gainesville.org and by phone. We also have a drop box
located at our drive-thru window accessible 24 hours a day. Changing
our hours means the building utility costs should be lower,” Wetherford
For more information call Tina Wetherford at 770-538-2401.