Gainesville Police Adopt New Electronic Collision Reporting System

Gainesville Police Department adopts new electronic collision reporting system
The City of Gainesville Police Department has adopted the Georgia Electronic Accident Reporting System (GEARS). 
GEARS allows Gainesville Police officials to complete collision reports more efficiently.  High-quality consistent, accurate and timely collision information can be collected through a wizard-based application than incorporates bar code reading of driver’s licenses, unlimited narrative with spell check, integrated diagramming and point and click mapping. 
GEARS works seamlessly with www.BuyCrash.com, a service designed to make it easier for motorists to obtain copies of vehicle collision reports.  Collision reports submitted by Gainesville Police are available on www.BuyCrash.com; a link is also available on the city’s website www.gainesville.org.  To obtain a copy of a collision report, individuals can access www.BuyCrash.comor www.gainesville.org, enter a few simple pieces of information, such as last name and date of collision, and locate a report. 
This program eliminates the need for individuals to make a trip to the investigating agency where the collision occurred.  Individuals can locate, view and purchase copies of vehicle collision reports from the comfort of their own homes or offices without the hassle of travelling to the law enforcement agency that wrote the report and waiting in line for a copy.
The Georgia Department of Transportation engaged Open Portal Solutions (OPS) to design, implement, and maintain the new service.  OPS has a history of success with statewide collision reporting systems in Kentucky, Indiana, Washington and Tennessee.
GEARS is available to all Georgia law enforcement agencies at “zero cost.”  The State of Georgia will save millions of taxpayer dollars annually in staff resources, paper resources and filing storage space by utilizing the system.
Any questions or comments regarding this press release please contact Officers Kevin Holbrook or Joe Britte at PublicInformationOfficer@gainesville.orgor (770)-287-0893.