Gainesville Named One of Top 5 Places to Retire Affordably

Gainesville City Manager Kip Padgett gladly welcomed a report from
AARP (American Association for Retired People) in USA Today
naming Gainesville as one of the five most affordable places to retire.
“Our elected officials place a great deal of emphasis on making
Gainesvilleservices and amenities the best for families of all ages. We
appreciate being recognized by AARP since they are considered to be
the experts on retirement. We are especially pleased they called
attention to our downtown, which really is the heart of our community,”
Padgett said.
According to the article in USA TODAY, some of the criteria for
selection included property and sales tax rates, recreation, health care,
and livability.  The article lists Gainesville’s median housing price at
$141,800 and says the best way to spend $10 is to eat at Recess
Southern Gastro Pub on the square then check out downtown events,
including free concerts.
The full article will appear in the AARP Magazine on Sunday.
For more information call City Manager Kip Padgett at 770-535-6865.