Members of the GFD

At the end of the day, the individuals that make up the Gainesville Fire Department are a

dedicated,unique hard working group of individuals.


On their off days, they may be the folks who are working next to you or for you.


These are firefighters and EMT’s, they are the men and women that will respond without

question when their community needs their assistance in an emergency.


These are the people who place it all on the line when the tones drop,

alarms are sounding and the call for assistance comes through.


Each day they are on the front lines as they fight the fires, rescue the victims of a car

wreck & doing all that they can to save the lives of our loved ones.


They attend the school functions to teach fire safety to our children.


They are in the parades and celebrations that pass throughout our cities and towns.


They are out there trying to raise funds for burn victims.


They are a larger than life hero to a little one who already loves the sight of a shiny red fire

 truck & may one day grow up and walk this same path.


Remember that they are someone's child, someone's husband or wife,

 a much loved family member, a little one's daddy and they all have families

that love them and are waiting at home for their safe return at the end of each shift.


While they hope that you never need their assistance,

they are trained and ready to respond in a moment's notice.