Fun Tree Facts

25 Fun Facts for Gainesville’s 25th Year of being a Tree City USA
  1. Arbor Day was started in 1872.
  2. Arbor Day stresses the importance of the value of trees and proposed that a special day be set aside for tree planting.
  3. Tree City is being a city that provides direction, assistance, attention and recognition for urban forestry programs.
  4. Gainesville has been a Tree City USA for 25 years and has received the Growth Award for 21 years.
  5. First Arbor Day tree planting was in Wilshire Trails.
  6. Mayor of Gainesville in 1987 was W. Ernest Moore Jr. and Hall County Commission Chair was Jerry Nix.
  7. Chamber Chair in 1987 was J. Carlyle Cox.
  8. Council Member Sissy Lawson was the first person to apply to the Arbor Day Foundation about being a Tree City USA.
  9. Gainesville is one of only 7 other cities in Georgia with at least 25 years as a Tree City.
  10. The Georgia State Tree is the Live Oak.
  11. Friends of Gainesville Parks & Greenways has an honorarium project where you can give the gift of a tree or a park bench.
  12. Hall County Master Gardener program started in 1997 with 10 adults and now it has over 160 adults involved.
  13. The Junior Master Gardener program started in 2008 with 30 children in 3 schools andnow has over 300 children in 13 schools.
  14. The Hall County Master Gardeners main fundraisers are the Fall and Spring Garden Expos (April 6 – 7, 2012) and the Garden Walk Tour.
  15. The tree replacement fund grant money comes from the profits of Keep Hall Beautiful’s Spring Chicken Festival.
  16. Keep Hall Beautiful started in the 1980’s as the Hall Clean Council.
  17. Since the first Spring Chicken Festival in 2004, 278 trees have been planted from the festival proceeds.
  18. Smithgall Woodland Gardens, which is a 168 acre satellite garden in North Gainesville that is run by the Atlanta Botanical Garden, is expected to open to the public in Spring/Summer 2013.
  19. There is 118,000 acres of tree canopy in Gainesville/Hall County today.  Hall County has total 275,840 acres in all.
  20. Trees are a renewable resource bringing in $27.2 billion to Georgia’s economy and 118,423 jobs.
  21. Seven City of Gainesville employees are ISA-Certified Arborists.
  22. Two mature trees can provide enough oxygen for a family of four.
  23. Trees are the longest living organism on earth.
  24. Recycling one ton of paper saves one acre of trees.
  25. The tallest tree in the world is a redwood in California which is 360 feet tall.