Free Mosquito Briquettes

For a limited time, City of Gainesville residents may pick up complimentary mosquito control briquettes at the Street Maintenance Division’s Shop on Alta Vista Road.  Public Works Director, David Dockery, said recent comments from neighbors in the Lakeshore Heights Subdivision about mosquito infestations in detention ponds prompted the action. “We actually got the idea from Athens-Clarke County where they’ve been using them for several years. We thought it would be a good idea due to the unusually wet spring we’re having,” Dockery said.
The briquettes are used to control mosquito larvae in small areas of standing water and potentially reduce the population of mosquitoes near homes.  Residents are limited to 6 briquettes per visit and must sign for them and pick up an instruction sheet for their use.  Appointments for pick-up can be made by calling Kathleen Denny at 770-503-3054.