Fishing4Reel Feb. 17,18

Gainesville Tourism and Trade welcomes Fishing4Reel Outdoors to Gainesville this weekend where youth of all ages will be invited to learn about professional boating and fishing. Fishing 4Reel founder, Maliek Carrington, says he’s on a mission to provide underserved youth with the opportunity to fish and learn more about bass fishing. “I started this tournament in 2009 with a commitment to resource conservation, product cultivation, sport development, professional integrity, and family values,” Carrington said.
Youth of all ages are invited to meet professional anglers and see their boats Friday, February 17 from 4:30-5:30pm at J & J Foods on Jesse Jewell Parkway and Saturday, February 18 from 2:00-4:00pm at Laurel Park where participants will also enjoy a cookout.
“As a bass tournament trail and association, F4R provides opportunities for individuals and local fishing associations to become a member of a larger national organization. F4R also helps at-risk youth by speaking at local schools, and introducing youth to boating and fishing. In addition to the cookout, fishing poles will be provided by Shakespeare fishing tackle,” Carrington added.
F4R - Maliek Carrington, 704-840-7536 www.f4routdoors.com
Gainesville Tourism & Trade, Deb Gregson, 770-297-1141 dgregson@gainesville.org