Employee Named to National Position

Gainesville Human Resources and Risk Manager Cindy Mallett was sworn in June 8 as the 2011-2012 Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA) president at the association’s annual membership luncheon in Portland, Oregon.
Gainesville City Manager, Kip Padgett, said PRIMA is very fortunate to have someone of Mrs. Mallett’s caliber serve in such a leadership role. “Cindy has always been an excellent role model for the City of Gainesville. She demonstrates a level of integrity that is unsurpassed and now the rest of the country will witness this as well,” said Padgett.
One of Mallett’s goals for the coming year is to reach out to those that may not be called risk managers in the public sector, but who are shouldered with the responsibility of purchasing insurance, administering safety programs, or any of the various components of risk management.
Mallett, who has been with the City for 10 years, will lead the Association of more than 1,000 public entities and oversee its nine-person board of directors until June 2012.
PRIMA is the largest risk management association dedicated solely to the practice of risk management in the public sector.