Citywide Housing Survey Underway

The Gainesville Community Development Department is overseeing a citywide housing survey. Special Projects Manager, Jessica Tullar, said Gainesville has a high share of older housing stock. “We were made aware of our housing inventory decline during our five-phase historic resources structural survey and during work on the City’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan,” Tullar said. “Concentrations of older homes that are neglected can contribute to social decay and decline of neighborhoods,” Tullar added.

The City has partnered with the Georgia Mountains Regional Commission, at no charge, to conduct a citywide housing conditions survey to address the concerns reported in the 2030 Comprehensive Plan and ultimately protect Gainesville neighborhoods against slum and blight.

The assessment will take place from the street or sidewalk with surveyors looking at the outside of homes, photographing, and assessing if there are any issues like sagging or caved in roofs, or significant cracks or failing foundations. 

Tullar said the findings will be mapped by housing type, occupancy status, and condition. “We will be able to determine any concentrations of housing stock requiring attention.  We can then develop a strategy for addressing deteriorating and dilapidated housing conditions on a neighborhood or block scale so that we can better target our limited resources.  Also, the housing conditions survey will provide complete awareness and serve as the foundation for moving forward.  And, it will be used to justify future potential grant applications,” said Tullar.

The survey is expected to be completed by the end of this year.