Cemetery Feeling the Heat

Extremely dry weather is wreaking havoc on the grounds of Gainesville’s 139 year old Alta Vista Cemetery. Field Services Manager, Vince Evans, said we are in a weather pattern we normally do not see until around mid-July and he’s concerned about the grass and the more than 50 trees that have been planted in the last three years. “Temperatures are up and everyone knows rainfall is down. The combination of these two is causing the grass to be extremely stressed and in some cases the grass may not come back. We have over 75 acres and it is certainly not possible to water such a large area. We are spot watering certain areas as is allowed in the outdoor water restrictions and desperately trying to keep our newer trees alive as these are large investments in the future beauty of the Cemetery.  We want the community to know we take great pride in the condition of the cemetery and we’re doing our best to deal with a difficult situation,” Evans said.
Crews will continue to do limited cutting and try to stay off the grass as much as possible.
For more information call Vince Evans at 770-535-6883.