The City Council is responsible for appointing individuals to serve on various Boards/Committees.

Appointees shall:

  • Be residents of the City, excluding those positions that require special expertise;
  • Abide by the City's Code of Ethics; and
  • Not have any outstanding debt owed to the City.

The City Clerk maintains Board/Committee information for the Council. A Board/Committee listing and the Community Service Volunteer Form can be found on this page. Questions and/or Volunteer Forms should be forwarded to djordan@gainesville.org.

Various Boards/Committees meeting schedules can also be found on this page.

April 14, 2015
Public Hearing
March 10, 2015
Public Hearing
March 2, 2015
Public Hearing
February 10, 2015
Public Hearing
January 14, 2015
GNPDF Board Meeting
January 13, 2015
Public Hearing
January 5, 2015
Public Hearing