Beat the Heat Summer Fan Program

The ‘Beat the Heat’ Summer Fan program sponsored by the Gainesville-Hall County Senior Life Center officially begins Friday, May 5.  Senior Life Center Manager, Brandy Palmero, said “We are appealing to the community once again to support this program which provides older adults with a way to stay cool during the upcoming hot summer months.  Without proper cooling, seniors can become dehydrated and develop heat related illnesses.  A medical emergency can develop very quickly,” Palmero said.

“Each year the fan program is supported by generous donations from community businesses, churches, and private citizens. Last year we distributed over 100 fans to the elderly in our community. We would greatly appreciate any support our community has to offer. Our only request is that the fans are new,” Palmero added.

Seniors citizens who need a fan should call the Gainesville-Hall County Community Service Center at 770-503-3330.  They must be 60 years old or older and a Hall County resident. There is a limit of 1 fan per senior every other year.

For more information on how to make donations call Brandy Palmero at the Gainesville-Hall County Senior Life Center at 770-503-3353.